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Building Regulations Application Process – A Vital Stage

Once we have planning consent or are fairly sure we will receive consent, we start the Building Regulations phase which follows these steps;’

  1. Structural Calculations – we brief the structural engineer and have calculations produced for all the structural elements of the build.
  2. Construction Drawings – we then fully detail the drawings with the structural elements and specify all the elements of the project covered by building regulations.
  3. Independent Checking – once complete we issue to the building inspector who checks our work and the structural calculation.
  4. Approved Drawings – The final Approved drawings are then available for issue to your builders – these are the drawings that will be used for tender and construction purposes.
  5. The Build – The checking Building Inspector will also be the person who visits at key stages during the build to ensure compliance with Building Regulations and issues the vital Completion Certificate.

During this process, we add detail to the drawings specifying in detail all the elements covered by Building Regulations – Structure, Insulation, Fire Safety etc.

The advantages of using this process are that each contractor is pricing for the same thing and the quotes are easier to compare, as the detail has been agreed in advance there are unlikely to dispute with the Building Inspector which can lead to delays and/or increases in cost.

3D Views and Notes
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