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The following process works in most cases and should ensure a successful project.

The initial discussion usually at your house where we can discuss what may be possible either by way of a permitted development ( or via the planning process).

After the meeting, you will receive a formal quotation outlining the process in more detail and the costs.

Survey- on survey day we visit and take the data needed to produce a full set of scale drawings of the existing house. This typically takes around 3 hours.

Design Phase – typically within a week of the survey you will receive a set of drawings and visuals of the 1st draft of the proposed house. You can annotate the drawings which will then return to Plans and Planning for further development and further drafts. You are fully involved throughout the design phase and are able to try out any ideas that you are I may have in developing your home.

After we have worked together to design the changes to your home we consider what form of approval is needed from the local planning department. We then make the necessary application on your behalf.

Planning– once we have finalised the layout we decide if the work can be completed within the rules for a permitted development or a planning process.

After planning and design are completed we then prepare detailed Building Regulations drawings and calculations. These will be approved by the Building Inspector and are the drawings the builder will use.

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