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We appreciate that for most people extending their home is a large undertaking fraught with potential problems and expense and that it may be the first time that they have been involved in the planning and construction process. For this reason at the start, and as the project develops, we are completely clear about what will be required and the cost. We aim to ensure that there are no surprises or ‘hidden’ extra costs.

Where there are elements that cannot be costed – for example, structural calculations which may depend on the final design – we will give you an approximate cost following our first visit and a fixed cost as soon as the final design is agreed.

Beware of very low quotes – they may be just ‘Sketch’ views for planning purposes and not have the detail needed for construction and most good builders will not be able to tender for the project.

The following list covers the items that should be budgeted for;

Planning MeetingFor most projects, a telephone conversation is sufficient for us to be able to provide a fixed price quotation for the design work and planning applications. Occasionally a longer ‘on site’ meeting may be required to discuss the options available and the planning process itself.

Permitted Development – Where the project can be completed within the rules for a ‘Permitted Development’ – we would still advise producing a full design and submit that for a Certificate of Lawful Development.

Planning Applications – Full drawings of existing & proposed floor plans, elevations and sections, submitting the application and any amendments called for by planners.

Local Authority Planning Application Fees – Currently £172 plus Ordinance Survey map charges.

Building Regulations – For many smaller extensions our planning drawings are all that your builder should need. However, we would always advise preparing and submitting a Full Plans Application. 

This is where we agree all the technical aspects of the works with Building Control in advance of you starting the works themselves and ideally before you go to tender.

Our planning drawings are approved by the planning department; building regulations are approved by the building inspector who will then inspect as work proceeds.

Structural Calculations – If the final design includes major changes to the main structural elements then you may need structural Calculations,  the cost of these calculations will vary with the size and design of the works. Your quotation will include guidance on this part of the work.

Party Wall AgreementsWe can advise on the need for party wall agreements.

All charges are on a Pay-as-you-go basis – you are not committed to stages that are not reached.

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