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You should consider Plans and Planning because;

  • We are small enough to give a personal service but experienced in the local area and have successfully completed hundreds of projects on homes in the area.
  • We use the latest in 3d Computer-aided design technology to enable you to fully visualise your proposed home.
  • Our process enables us to try various options and layouts and includes you and your family at every stage.
  • We work with closely local planners and Building inspectors.
  • We have a panel of great local builders to call on for the construction phase.
  • We bring the best architectural software at competitive rates.
  • Fixed prices – you know from the outset what the whole process will cost

Yes – but it is usually better to have competitive quotes for the construction work, this is quite hard to do if one builder has produced the design. We are independent and work for you, we create the best design for you then provide you with detailed drawings on which several builders can tender. This way the prices you recieve are much easier to compare.

More so than at any time in recent history it makes more sense to extend or re-model the home you are in than to move house. Whilst having building works go on around you can be traumatic and expensive it is usually far less so than moving house.

The planning and building regulations process can include several elements of cost. Not all will apply to each project. The Design Costs page describes most of them. Your quotation will indicate which may apply to your project and a cost or budget for each one.

The design phase takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on how many drafts we go through together, after plans have been submitted the process takes around 8 weeks.

Are you the freehold owner or have you written permission from the freeholder?

            No – You need to approach the freeholder for permission – click here for advice
            Yes – Next step

Is the property listed or within a conservation area?

           Yes – You need Planning Consent
           No – Next step

Does the proposed extension fall within the rules for permitted development?

          Yes – We apply to the local planning office for a Lawful Development Certificate
          No – You need Planning Consent

The final decision is with the planning department. However complete refusal is very rare. Most of our applications are either consented or are consented after negotiation and adjustment to meet the concerns of the planning officer.

Provided the drawings are to scale and include all the elements required by the planners and are delivered in a suitable format then you can complete your own planning application. The advantages of using a specialist company is that your plans will be produced in CAD, this makes amendments far easier and of course once approved a CAD drawing is the starting point for construction drawings for distribution to builders. Apart from quite small projects Builders are unlikely to be satisfied with Sketches.

There is no charge for amendments during the planning process.

Of course, at every stage you can have hard copy. Design stage are usually formatted for A3 planning and building regulations at A1. The drawings can also be encapsulated which is a great way of preserving them on site. We do make a small charge for hard copy depending on the size and quantity.

We have a great system to involve you throughout the process. You will receive updated sets of drawings and 3d visuals throughout the process.

Most of all we appreciate that for most people extending their home is a large undertaking fraught with potential problems and expense and that it may be the first time that they have been involved in the planning and construction process. For this reason at the start, and as the project develops, we are completely clear about what will be required and the cost. We aim to ensure that there are no surprises or ‘hidden’ extra costs.

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