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A designer of homes, home extensions and home re-modelling in Greater Manchester and  Cheshire.

Our Services;

  • Architectural drawings of your existing house and site – all in 3d
  • The design of your proposed house all in 3d and with you involved at every step of the process
  • Completion and submission of any Planning Applications
  • Negotiation with planning on your behalf
  • Detailed structural and construction drawings all approved by the Building Inspector

    Before and After Front View

    Bungalow Transformed

We offer a personal, professional and affordable architectural service & free planning advice

Call: 07770 820611 or email pfkirk@plansandplanning.co.uk

The Process –

  1. Following your initial contact we will arrange a meeting to discuss your project – following the meeting I will provide a full quotation covering all the elements of the work from drawing the existing property to hand over to the builder.
  2. We then agree a day for the actual survey – typically 3 to 4 hours to complete detailed drawings of the existing house.
  3. Within a week of survey you will receive a set of drawings of the existing house and my first draft of the proposed house.
  4. The drawings will usually include photo realistic ‘visuals’ and more traditional floor plans sections and elevations.
  5. The format allows you to add notes to the drawings which I will use to create a new draft.
  6. This process carries on until we have arrived at the point where we can submit a planning application.
  7. I submit the application and complete any modifications requested by the planner as the proposal goes through the planning process – usually 8 weeks.
  8. Whilst going through planning it is a good opportunity to meet and short list possible builders.


Rear Extension to cottage

Rear Extension to cottage – 3d Visualisation

After Planning –

  1. Once planning is achieved – or we are sure it will be – we then review the drawings for any changes you may want to consider.
  2. I then brief the structural engineer who will provide the calculations for all structural elements.
  3. The drawings are then detailed for structure and building regulations.
  4. All drawings and calculations are submitted to the Building Inspector for independent checking.
  5. Once approved the drawings and calculations are available for issuing to builders for formal tender.
  6. We are then available throughout the project to assist you and the builder as the build takes place.

3D Drawings –  Recent Quote regarding 3d  “For those of us without the visualization skills of an architect who can easily glean proportions and a sense of spatial relationships from mere 2D floor plans and elevations, this is a godsend.

Drawings – It is important when comparing quotes to understand the types of drawings and what is included in the quote;

3d Snip

Structural drawing in 3d

Types of Drawing provided by Plans and Planning – you need both
Planning – minimum required for a planning application, existing and proposed elevations, floor plans – all to scale.
Construction – Detailed for construction with all Structural Calculations and Building Regulations specifications. All independently checked and approved.

There is more information on our Building Regulations page.

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